Senior sales operations & marketing consultants to develop a strategic framework designed for your business. Advanced analytics and insights on your brand authority & presence across key touch-points of the customer journey.


Select from local people working with your team, or remote staff across APAC. Highly skilled sales operations and marketing talent for sales performance & pipeline acceleration. Improve creative collateral, social content and customer engagement.


An integrated systems layer that automates work flow, providing total transparency on project performance. Eliminates manual processing that causes  information bottle-necks. Maximum operational efficiency and better service execution.


Skilled Sales Operations Crew with an integrated technology layer. Get more customers and more capacity for your business. Demand Generation; Targeted Digital Display (DSP); Search & Social (SEO/SEM); Account Based Marketing (ABM/CRM/EDM).

Good sales people
are hard to find
in any industry!

If you have good ones, you need to look after them. In many companies, they represent the elite front line of the business.

Sales people are a significant investment. Whether it is one person, or a whole team, maintaining consistency is real challenge. There is industry knowledge, enterprise-specific training and team culture considerations, just to get someone into the role.

With big dollars at stake, both in cost & revenue, maximum ROI is essential. Staff turnover is such a major cost. Not only in the whole recruitment and training cycle, there is also a loss of key knowledge from the business.

Get a Sales

A highly skilled, sales operations support crew are an essential life-line in any business. They bring the best tools & weapons to ensure your front line have everything they need.
  • They will grow the business and maximise ROI from all other sales & marketing expenditure.
  • They work on contract, so can scale up or down quickly to meet seasonal or project demands.
  • They provide critical intelligence, not only to increase sales, but for total business management transparency.
  • They ensure consistency, because quality, integrated systems and cloud data are what you keep, when talent walks out the door.

Employed on contract, measured on outcomes, priced to a budget.

A Sales Operations Crew offer flexible, contract resources for your business. They are skilled people with qualifications and experience, in driving the latest sales marketing technology. CompanyHQ Sales Operations deliver a strategic framework, that includes a bespoke technology layer of the latest best-practice industry applications.

Digital transition and change management are vital for business growth, yet they represent a major investment for many companies. CompanyHQ’s framework, bypasses much of the implementation battle, by embedding skilled contract resources that are already trained and highly effective, in maximising the advantages of the wide range of new-generation cloud applications.

A key feature of having an integrated systems layer, is the end-to-end automation; from marketing, to accounting, and all levels of management. Technical roles require specialist skills, however many functions are so efficient, many businesses do not require 38 hour resources in each position.

A Strategic Sales Operations Framework


Sales | Communications | Acquisition

Branding & digital presence, New customer acquisition, End-to-end communications.


Jobs | Time | Materials

Automated work flow, Project transparency, Daily time & materials capture, Variations management.


Accounts | Payroll | Reporting

All accounts processed, Real-time reporting, Simple sign-off, Payroll & Tax, Monthly P&L.


CRM | ERP | Accounting

Digital transition. Best-practice, cloud based systems that talk to each other. One single source of truth.

Investing in outcomes instead of roles!
CompanyHQ recognise that the secret sauce in every business, is in the intellectual property and execution of the core business unit. Your team need quality tools, accessible information and effective communications to keep ahead of the competition.

Today, sales operations & marketing, are not typically enterprise-unique functions. Technology drives demand generation and brand presence, through automated communications & workflow, programmatic digital advertising and targeted marketing programs. These functions and systems require up-to-date, specialist skills and an integrated applications layer.

CompanyHQ provide skilled Sales Operations & Marketing resources on-demand, scaled for your business, at affordable contract rates. Technology offers management transparency and efficiency at every stage, from engagement to payment.

Resources can either be embedded to support your team, or outsourced. Either way, the latest applications deliver end-to-end performance with real-time measures tailored specifically for your industry and enterprise.

contract staff resources
It is estimated that by 2020, over 50% of the U.S. workforce will be contingent contractors. New generations of highly skilled workers have opted-out of the 9 to 5 routine, preferring to freelance their talent. Digital platforms enable employers to swiftly access contract workers, but how do you achieve continuity, verify skills and quality, with a less structured, more transient workforce?

Resources On-Demand

Contract Flexibility

  • Access the latest technology & quality skills on-demand
  • A lighter, more scalable business model
  • No fixed contract. Exit, any reason, anytime.
  • Pay exactly for what you need, when you need it
  • Scale up or down to match active projects or growth
  • No gaps, less interruption from role turnover
  • Less HR head count. No overtime, no redundancy
  • Professional in-house transition option

Investing in outcomes instead of roles!

an agile business model

Staff turnover, with ongoing recruiting, induction and training, can drain a business of critical momentum and funds, stealing months from productivity and performance budgets.
  • Keep pace with a rapidly changing marketplace
  • Access high level skills within budget
  • Supplement existing talent with improved tools & resources
  • Strengthen the business while increasing its agility
  • Manage rising labour costs
  • Reduce fixed costs exposure
  • Increase focus on core business competencies


  • Integrated Marketing / Sales application layer
  • Sales Collateral - content & creative
  • Lead Generation
  • Pipeline Acceleration
  • Automated Acquisition Communications
  • Lead Management - conversion tracking
  • Sales process & presentation support


  • B2C - Engagement, Acquisition, Loyalty
  • B2B - Account Based Marketing
  • Predictive Analytics - customer profiling
  • Pre-Targeting - target specific brand awareness, earned media
  • Demand Generation - digital display, social, SEO & SEM
  • Market Presence - website, social pages, content writing & creative collateral


  • End-to-End Account Management
  • Systems Integration - CRM / ERP
  • Workflow Automation - process tracking, time & materials capture
  • Office Administration functions - data curation, project support, tele-services
  • Office Accounts - invoices, income, costs management
  • One Source of Truth - daily operational, financial & sales performance metrics

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