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More than just consulting . . . we get the job done!

Your HQ team offers more than thirty years' experience implementing customer service and sales programs for global brands. Over the years, we have developed a network of resources and technology solutions across the full sales and marketing supply chain. This means that instead of just providing advice or reports, CompanyHQ can offer an end-to-end solution, designing and implementing customised programs for business development and growth.

Where-ever possible, our programs leverage the wide ranging federal and state government funding, that is available for Australian businesses. Co-funded programs include technology research and development, export market development (EMDG), proof of concept, building partnerships & accelerating commercialisation.

CompanyHQ Sales Operations

We design highly efficient sales processes around the customer journey.

Identifying the gaps where you are leaking money
The customer journey today is increasingly digital, so if your sales processes are mostly analogue, based on human organisation and follow-up, you are probably leaking money. Designing a more efficient sales process will either result in a significant increase in profit, or open the way for massive growth.

The fact is today, machines are far better at sales than people. Automated workflows with crafted, intelligent dialogue are on the job 24/7. They will identify a need, or qualify a potential lead; they always remember to follow up and will engage with people via their preferred communication channel - chat, text, email or messenger. At the right time the conversation can be directed to a specialist, who can connect in person over the phone or schedule a meeting.

These tools will not replace your best sales people, they empower and supercharge them. Sales automation technology is today is both essential and affordable for all levels of business, especially when compared to the cost of sales salaries.

Growth & development programs

CompanyHQ programs deliver end-to-end. We provide strategic planning as well as resources for execution.

Skilled resources on call, on the ground.
Australia, USA, Asia Pacific
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Export Market Development Program
50% Austrade funding
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Minimum Viable Product validation
50% NSW Gov't Funding
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Prepare your business for sale
6 to 12 month program

An effective structure for local representation

From a local concierge or emissary through to a full service team


Simply understanding how things get done and who's who in the zoo. HQ might not know the key people in every industry, but we know where to find them and how they operate.


HQ can source the skills you need from a pool of good people. People who work per task, per hour or per day, from junior sales & admin, to skilled executives and senior management.


We sometimes forget the power of having someone turn up who will listen. Front line skills are always more about people and relationships than the technical expertise that follows.


Individual lives change, but you can trust a network to provide continuity.  HQ provide a strategic framework of talent & resources that will deliver, come what may.

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