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CompanyHQ will secure your brand presence in Australia & Asia Pacific markets
CompanyHQ’s capability has developed over a twenty-year period, delivering go to market (G2M) supply chain services for global brands. This experience built a strong project implementation, sales execution and operational capacity, that grew through working with leading talent, at all levels of the sales and marketing profession, across Australia and Asia Pacific.

CompanyHQ was formed to exploit this capability and experience, while opening up new markets.

Global brands and large projects afford top people with experience and specialist knowledge.

The legacy of CompanyHQ’s rich and privileged background, is access to a network of people that reaches through the direct contacts made, to include the connections of each person and the networks they in turn have developed. A trend among our network, is the growing number of experienced and talented people seeking self-determination in employment as their career path.

Talent on demand is great, but whether managing small tasks or large scale project implementation, structure and technical efficiency are essential. CompanyHQ’s Concierge Program delivers this through one point of contact, leveraging a technology layer that maximises efficiency and presents a single source of truth for operational and accounting transparency.

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