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CompanyHQ Export Market Development Program USA

"A massive market where every USD$1 sale = AUD$1.40+"

Whether you're establishing a beachhead or just after a foothold, launching into a new region requires diverse skills and specific local knowledge.

This program is for Australian businesses with strong growth potential, that either don't have the resources or are not in the position to have their best people take their eyes off the game currently in front of them.

CompanyHQ deliver a full EMDG program to showcase and launch your business in the USA. HQ's USA Export Market Development Program, covers strategic planning and local market validation, plus we have expert local sales & marketing representation on the ground to get the ball rolling.

Program Features:

  • Minimum Viable Product Confirmation
  • USA the first 100 days - A Strategic Business Plan
  • Market Validation – on the ground U.S.A
  • Marketing Implementation Timeline & Budget
  • Establish your outpost with a local U.S. representative
  • Targeted Advertising & Marketing Program
  • Representation at U.S.A Showcase Event/s
  • Visit your customers - funded showcase / launch trip

A step-by-step program combining planning and execution

where each stage validates and learns as a strong local market is developed.

Minimum Viable Product Confirmation
This first step is to ensure your product is viable in the U.S. We review operational conditions such as state taxes and legislative standards, supply lines, sales implementation and go-to-market channels as well as the potential partnerships that may be required.

Then there are competitive conditions, where your product or service sits and fits in terms of price and features. Are you offering something new, or is there an established competitor not present in your current markets?

This exercise aims to establish the local operational and competitive conditions that need to be addressed in the first 100 days of the USA export development program.

The first 100 days - A Strategic Business Plan
As suggested in the title, this document presents a strategic plan to achieve a 100 day objective, that includes addressing local conditions together with achieving client objectives.

The 100 day initial timeline forces a focused and lean approach to cover the essential elements that will indicate success and identify potential barriers that will need to be covered in ongoing sales operations and marketing implementation.

Market Validation – on the ground U.S.A
This stage is where we go to work to get up close and personal with your typical customer, potential partners and people that have an interest in your target market.

The front line discussion or survey is, do they like the product or service and would they buy it? The underlying discovery is how we might expose or promote the product, how customers might find it, why they were looking or were interested and why they would buy.

This process might be implemented with a structured online campaign, with landing page/s, a sales offer and a survey, as well as through direct contact and personal face-to-face meetings.

Marketing Implementation Timeline & Budget
  • Opportunities
  • Objectives
  • Actions
  • Measures
  • Design & Creative
  • Budget

Establish your outpost with a local representative
The ground-work of validation, learning and planning set out in HQ's Export Marketing Development Program, not only delivers the information necessary for the decision, but also provides the framework to proceed into the market.

A local representative can now be appointed to respond to customer enquiries in the local time zone, as well as canvas leads or head-hunt key customers. While the role may be recruited specifically, the program would usually at this point engage a sales generalist with strong presentation abilities, skilled in lead acquisition using sales workflow tools.

The appointment may be made on a contingent basis through HQ, typically budgeted for the first three months from AUD$1,000 per day, ten days per month, subject to EMDG funding requirements.

Targeted Advertising & Marketing Program
At this point of the USA Export Market Development Program, you will have a clear vision of your USA value proposition and target markets. Austrade's Export Market Development Grants cover 50% of "all reasonable" advertising and promotion expenses including brochures and printed materials, digital campaigns, trade fairs, in-store promotions and seminar events.

The HQ program also includes the design, development and implementation of all advertising and events to meet your requirements in accordance with the objectives and budgets set out in the sales and marketing plan.

Representation at U.S.A Showcase Event/s
As your USA Export Market Development program approaches the 100 day mark, a picture will be emerging of the various players, partners and prospects within your target market, as well as some indicators for potential success. Your local representative will identify key industry event/s, or otherwise assist in creating a opportunities to showcase your business to the market.

Exhibiting at, or creating a showcase event offers the ideal time and opportunity to visit and get hands on, press the flesh and personally assess the ground-work that has been laid.

At this point there will be people you need to meet; your representative, key customers and industry partners. From here you will have a glimpse or perhaps a clear picture of the way forward, as you transition from a foothold to a stronger beachhead position in the massive U.S. market.

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