CompanyHQ will secure your brand presence in Australia & Asia Pacific markets
Combining on-call tactical resources, to deliver strategic solutions

Lowering the barrier to entry

The HQ Concierge Program reduces both risk and cost, but more importantly it's simply a more effective approach to global growth.


A strategic framework of skills & resources. Steadily develop your team by first accessing your needs on the ground. Then access a network of specialists and technical tools, paying task-by-task or project-by-project.Get the right resources in place, at a scale and budget matched to the growth needs of your business.

  • Locally accountable and coordinated through your HQ Concierge.
  • Extended capability and capacity for less than the budget of a single role.
  • Flexible and nimble, quickly assemble resources to deliver on go-to-market strategy.
  • Low risk - a strategic framework is what you keep, when talent walks out the door.


Transfer one of your top performers, or start from scratch and hope to find an experienced leader who will commit heart and soul to a company on the other side of the planet. Or you might share business strategy and I.P with a third-party, where the partner develops the local relationships and customer goodwill.

  • Significant up-front costs in recruiting, office infrastructure, resources & training.
  • Growth is dependent on capability and capacity of a single key role.
  • Reaching for resources to cover everything from admin to acquisition.
  • High risk - local viability and regional relationships hinge on one initial person.

So . . . where would you like to start?

Supporting your customers and developing new markets is now simple and cost efficient.
Your HQ team that has more than twenty years' experience implementing major programs for global brands.
Access a network of resources across a wide range of sales operations & marketing services.

Create a real physical presence
Develop your own team
Source prospective partners
Set up meetings and events
Provide service & customer support
Generate leads & make sales
Brand activation & trade shows
Develop local content & manage P.R
Research & make connections
Collaborate with network partners
Gain insights & local intelligence
Join the global growth ecosystem


How does the HQ Concierge Program work?

HQ Concierge Program membership costs USD $149 per month, per region, paid annually.
Member companies are allocated a local HQ Concierge who has the skills of a senior sales or account manager, with the experience and capacity to get things done. Your HQ Concierge is part of a network of sales operations and marketing specialists, that cover a range of creative, and technical skills across a wide range of industries.
Your HQ Concierge will receive your work briefs, confirm the requirement and budget, then either undertake or ensure the full execution of each task or project.
Work is prepaid against agreed per hour time requirements or quoted projects. The cost of each task or function depends on budget and the skills required to guarantee performance.


Simply understanding how things get done and who's who in the zoo. HQ might not know the key people in every industry, but we know where to find them and how they operate.


HQ can source the skills you need from a pool of good people. People who work per task, per hour or per day, from junior sales & admin, to skilled executives and senior management.


You cannot build and nurture relationships from the other side of the planet. You can however support your relationships, by enlisting a local executive or emissary.


Individual lives change, but you can trust a network to provide continuity.  HQ provide a strategic framework of talent & resources that will deliver, come what may.


Tomorrow's calling . . .

7 pm Wednesday evening in San Francisco, you are heading out for a beer and dinner.
At the same time, people in Sydney are already four hours into Thursday and deals are being done.


(USA - California)

Wednesday, 19 July

7:00 pm | UTC-7


(USA Texas)

Wednesday, 19 July

9:00 pm | UTC-5


(USA New York)

Wednesday, 19 July

10:00 pm | UTC-4



Thursday, 20 July

10:00 am | UTC+8



Thursday, 20 July

12:00 noon | UTC+10


(New Zealand)

Thursday, 20 July

2:00 pm | UTC+12


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