You don’t have to compromise!

With traditional employment models, we get used to making compromises, because of limits in the resources and skill levels we believe we can afford.

So, imagine having affordable access to a strategic framework, that combines flexible Sales Operations and Marketing roles, as an embedded resource, matched to the needs and scale of your business, month-to-month.

The competitive demands on a business, change throughout every year. New skills are needed, to leverage the benefits of new technology. Today, open-ended workplace employment models, with annual salaries and redundancy commitments, can be too inflexible and inefficient, to match the requirements of an agile, growing business.

CompanyHQ offer flexible resource packages to match your budget, with no lock-in contract. You can access skills on-demand, from a wide pool of technical, creative, or administrative talent, through to senior level Sales, Marketing or Operations Consultants.

We can also implement a strategic business framework, to deliver specific outcomes. Being able to apply the latest technology with highly skilled talent at a fixed rate, empowers the business to capitalise on specific projects & other market opportunities.

contract staff resources

Introducing your Sales Operations Captain & Crew

the eco-system for engaging skilled talent & resources has changed

Employment markets have changed. People now take a more transient approach to their career paths and the way they choose to be paid.

Due to the changes in attitudes to employment and the significant fixed cost exposure of full-time staff, it is estimated that by 2020, over 50% of all employees in Fortune 100 companies will be contingent contractors. Additionally, research shows that 69% of people currently in "permanent" roles, are actively seeking alternate employment, or are open to the idea.

A person that is half way out the door, is likely to be only half as productive. When they do leave, there is the notice period, entitlements, advertising, the interview process or agency fees, embedding a new person, induction, training and administration.

According to a study by the Society for Human Resource Management, employers will need to spend the equivalent of more than six months of an employee’s salary, in order to find and train their replacement. Perhaps of greater concern, is the cost of lost production and missed targets, slowing the business throughout the process.

CompanyHQ’s Strategic Framework model, provides skilled resources, embedded in the business. Applying a framework of industry best-practice systems, coupled with highly skilled talent, not only increases business efficiency, it also dramatically reduces the amount of time to switch around resources as and when required.

Investing in outcomes instead of roles!

an agile business model

Staff turnover, with ongoing recruiting, induction and training, can drain a business of critical momentum and funds, stealing months from productivity and performance budgets.
  • Keep pace with a rapidly changing marketplace
  • Access high level skills within budget
  • Supplement existing talent with improved tools & resources
  • Strengthen the business while increasing its agility
  • Manage rising labour costs
  • Reduce fixed costs exposure
  • Increase focus on core business competencies

Contract Staff Resources

Contract Flexibility

  • Access the latest technology & quality skills on-demand
  • A lighter, more scalable business model
  • Pay exactly for what you need, when you need it
  • Scale up or down to match active projects or growth
  • No gaps, less interruption from role turnover
  • Less HR head count. No overtime, no redundancy
  • No fixed-term contract
  • Professional in-house transition option

Additional Contract Resources

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