Systems for Growth

Integrated systems and cloud data are what you keep when talent walks out the door.

Today, sales operations & marketing are driven by a bunch of acronyms. They refer to systems, or functions driven by systems. CompanyHQ’s Talent & Technology Framework offers ready access to these secret codes, that are vital to effectively acquiring and efficiently servicing your customers every day.


To stay competitive, the key people in your business need the support of these tools, as well as access to people that know how to drive them as an end-to-end solution.

The CompanyHQ Framework offers a bespoke, integrated systems layer, together with highly skilled talent to provide an operations framework that will keep your business agile, while supporting scale for growth.

Information you can reach out and touch . . .

We know them as touch-points. Business today is built on them. Well before the handshake that opens the first meeting, there has been carefully placed content, targeted display ads, electronic direct mail and social engagement.

Every marketing and sales interaction is tracked, attributing ROI across team campaigns for demand generation, customer acquisition, dollar sales and margin. Then there are the delivery touch-points. Capturing the data to map business performance.

CompanyHQ’s Strategic Framework draws from the latest, industry-based technology to create an end-to-end process. Acquiring and on-boarding a customer, quoting and scheduling a project, tracking costs and variations, invoicing and getting paid; measured and monitored as one integrated process. No paper, no paperwork.

Every week, brilliant companies release new technology and tools, that enable businesses to work smarter, scale faster and operate more efficiently. These tools might offer plug-in enhancements, or replacement options for existing systems.

CompanyHQ’s Sales Operations Crew, will not only capture each touch-point to deliver rich analytics, they will release your data from the hobbles of legacy systems, to enable innovation and agility across your business.

What API’s can do . . .

Application Programming Interface (API) development is driving unprecedented business opportunity in every industry, by transforming isolated applications to create enterprise-specific technology layers.

APIs are strategically important in business because they provide managed access to local, enterprise or global data sets that can be used to build new, innovative products and applications in a fraction of the time and cost that was previously required.

Standards-based design patterns for API management, provide tremendous value in simplifying the task of interoperability across diverse systems handling vast amounts of data. Since APIs have become ubiquitous, a wide range of industries can benefit from this proven architecture.

APIs lower the barrier to entry for connectedness and enable secure communication from things to applications located just about anywhere – from a mobile message, to a desktop spreadsheet or any cloud, or global data centre.

In order to realize true opportunities for each enterprise, management should think about the value-added services they can assemble from data derived from all sources and how they can combine this data with their legacy systems and business assets.

An Integrated Systems Layer

connecting leading industry-based applications


Time | Materials | Scheduling


Enterprise Resource Planning


Single Source Information


Payroll | Tax | Reporting

Review the latest systems applications

Automate your Workflow

No Paper  |  No Paperwork

Service Management

Deliver on expectations with clear, consistent communication.

Payment Processing

Collect payment on site as soon as a job is complete with your own online payment gate way.

Stock Management

Manage field stock and purchasing inventory. Buy right, maintain margin on all stock.


Seamlessly switch between jobs, machinery assets, tasks and sites. Total workflow transparency.


Accurate, automated invoicing as soon as the job is done and signed off. Keeps your cash flowing.

Asset & Maintenance Tracking

Track asset time, location and application compliance. Monitor and manage preventative and reactive maintenance.

Product Look Up

Import supplier stock into your system to enable immediate quoting, job costing & invoicing.


Schedule new workflow at end of day. Start teams on (GPS) location, on time, every time.

Project Management

Track project delivery at the end of each day. Manage variations and client expectations – as well as profit from start to finish.

Data Integration

Integrate workflow, payroll, accounting, communications, operations and marketing. Data driven management.


Generate accurate quotes and estimates on the go. Get customer sign-off on all terms & conditions.

Field Service Management

Structured workflow and communications supports consistent, quality execution across projects, teams & locations.

One Source of Truth

Mobile devices have now passed desktop as the dominant screen. They are rarely out of arms reach and Australians view their mobile screens 440,000,000 times per day.

For customers mobile screens provide a vital touch-point for engagement. Professional mobile communication, manages expectations and builds confidence across each stage of the job.

For clients it offers total, real time transparency. All work documents and accounts can be integrated within their system and available on archive for future reference.

For management teams and front line staff, it is a vital capture point, driving productivity and performance. For owners and directors it provides one source of truth, delivering an essential window on the business to aid decisions and planning.

No Paper  –  No Paperwork

Everyday your business accumulates information. Some is required for compliance purposes for work safety or tax. A lot of it is data, important for tracking profit performance. Much of it keeps you connected to your customers.

Data drives Artificial Intelligence for your business. Any information captured on paper creates paperwork, in digital conversion or in records storage.

Cloud-based mobile applications, capture information in digital form at the source. In the field, connected to a vehicle, all compliance records captured, maintained and recorded against the project, lot (building) and customer. Supplier invoices imported automatically into accounting, automated time-sheets create payroll records. No paper, no paperwork.

Digital data opens a real-time window on every facet of the business. Variations are visible at the end of each day. Performance by job, by contractor, by client, year-to-date, versus last year, work pipeline, cash flow and banking. Powerful, actionable information to support daily decisions and strategic planning.

Selecting from the best applications available

Designing the right solution

the skill is in designing & integrating the right solution for your business

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