The Framework for Growth

Process | Technology | People

Talent and technology resources embedded,
as a strategic performance framework,
to scale and grow the business.
Preparing a structure for growth can be difficult. You just can't buy performance and technology alone is not a solution. When you only invest in technology, you still need to retrofit your existing teams and processes to achieve the full benefit. You can't just hire more staff to grow, unless you already have great systems, backed by an authentic go-to-market strategy.

Business performance requires the operational processes of the business to be optimised, leveraging leading cloud-based technology that is capable of automated workflows, with integrated, transparent data. The people in the business need to understand their objective and see the goalposts for success.

New technology can dramatically improve business productivity and performance, but think of what that means to the people. Efficiency is improved and productivity is measured in real time, redundant processes are eliminated, performance outcomes become more transparent. At first, not everyone is excited.


"The tools themselves will not solve anyone’s problems,
I believe, without changing the way you view your talent, the technology is not going to work for you."

Ann Lewnes, Adobe CMO

The technology available today is amazing . . .
but it's hard to make it all fit, to deliver
a solution that will work for you

The solution really is in how we view talent in a business. CompanyHQ's performance framework helps businesses by providing a new model for engaging talent and resourcing outcomes. We provide Processes, Technology and People (PTP) bundled to deliver specific functions with predefined outcomes. The performance framework provides strategic planning and analysis, together with operational performance functions. Planning and execution.

creating a

across the touchpoints
of your customer

Re-define the talent of your business

Embed talent and technology infrastructure
for less than a single, mid-level role.

Senior level executive analysis and structure combined with front line operational execution.

Sales, Marketing, Operations, Financial, Legal, HR

Each HQ Performance Framework is custom designed, matched to the needs of the individual business. The packages below present an indicative budget to integrate workflows, combining strategic planning with front line execution. A Performance Framework establishes the infrastructure for growth. It is designed to match your priorities and budget.

Customer Journey | Marketing Services

[all included in the above Sales & Marketing package]
Create a marketing presence that is always on, irrespective of what is happening in the business. Extend your brand position and awareness.Generate enquiries and interest. Communicate with potential and existing customers. Develop your brand authority and market position.


Download the full specifications for these
Talent & Technology resource packages.
You'll be amazed at the high level structure and operational output
that we can pack into the budget for just one mid level role.
This is what our service agreement might look like, if it were
written as a job ad with a role description and qualifications.

. . . and let's talk.

Read a case study on creating a connected journey as a framework for growth:
. . . so over five years, McDonalds increased the number of stores, improved their talent (PPT) and made the business more scale-able. Sounds impressive, but perhaps not surprising - until you compare the staff numbers. Millions more burgers, thousands more stores, less than half . . .


Reduce Costs

Automate mundane and repetitive tasks. Maximise the value of human resources.

Grow Sales

Implement an inbound marketing program to generate & nurture more leads

Improve Efficiency

Streamline systems and processes to ensure consistent performance.

Build Capacity

Use technology and talent to build-in infrastructure assets that create scalable performance capacity.

Increase Profit

One connected process that maximises performance execution throughout the customer journey.

Reduce Risk

One source of truth, with real-time team dashboards for financial transparency and performance KPI's.

Here are some of the examples of some very cool software applications
. . . and there's thousands more.

With People, Process, Technology methodology, HQ will design the process
to deliver your ideal solution knowing which tools will work best for your people.

CRM - Lead Nurturing

Cloud Accounting

Capture & Bill Time

Team Collaboration

Financial Reporting

Video Conference

Business Projections

Accounting Intelligence