Sales Marketing Automation

CompanyHQ Sales Marketing Automation
Company HQ deliver Sales, Marketing & Automation services for small to medium enterprises.
The services comprise a combination of skilled resources and Software as a Service (SaaS) technology applied to:

  • Build capacity
  • Improve efficiency
  • Grow sales
  • Increase profits
HQ is a better alternative to hiring more staff, because we develop your infrastructure assets and bill on performance outcomes. You control the SaaS assets and can measure and bank the outcomes.

With CompanyHQ your sales marketing program is designed and implemented by experts. Plus, you get access to the latest technology and systems automation, so it runs every day.

Contracting sales & marketing outcomes eliminates administrative functions required to manage and direct the work delivery of additional staff. It also removes the time and costs associated with payroll, super, holidays, sick leave, HR, recruiting, attendance management, workers compensation and payroll tax.


Custom Inbound Marketing Program
Example: Monthly content / newsletter program
  • Research and develop content and topics
  • Research online habits of target market segment
  • Design & write newsletter with a call-to-action
  • Write 3 articles solving, informing or assisting with current industry issues
  • Create, send newsletter
  • Source creative materials for web landing pages and advertisements
  • Build a landing page with custom contact form
  • Create a display ad in 3 size formats
  • Post / publish content articles on social media pages
  • Promote articles / content in online forums
  • Place ads and update keywords / adwords
  • Review and maintain digital footprint
  • Identify and report key marketing metrics

Function: Attract | Engage | Deliver
HQ Marketing services work to build the business brand proposition, then tell that story to attract and engage new customers and re-engage previous or existing customers.
HQ Marketing make certain that the process of regeneration and growth is always maintained, no matter what is taking place in the business day-to-day. Today’s chaos might be a stunning victory, a new market unfolding and a success story to be told.

HQ Marketing will implement HubSpot (free CRM as a minimum) if the company does not already have a suitable CRM system. HQ resources then follow a strategic inbound marketing process, focused around generating leads (engagement and re-engagement). The specific marketing process and functions are customised for each business.

Key Report Measures:
Views / Impressions

Click through rate – cost per click

Clicks per contact – cost per contact

Bounce Rate – target accuracy & engagement

Organic search – market engagement

Subscriber base


Function: Contact Management | Lead Generation, Qualification, Nurturing
from: $2,990 per month
HQ Sales services will capture and qualify business contacts and convert them into leads.
HQ Sales provide the essential leg-work to support your key staff, who have the knowledge and expertise required to present and close a sale. If your company does not already have an efficient sales system, HQ will implement HubSpot (free CRM as a minimum). HQ resources then follow a strategic sales process until the lead either becomes a customer or the process concludes. The sales process is customised to meet the needs of each business, but typically might cover:

  • Maintain [X] business enquiries and contacts through CRM system up to [X] contacts per month
  • Implement strategic lead nurturing campaign covering a scheduled sequence of 5 emails over [X] period
  • Capture all enquiries and qualify any lead opportunities and requirements
  • Respond to every enquiry within [X] hours, with an initial template response based on requirements
  • Determine next action then assign and schedule sales opportunities for the appropriate staff member
  • Monitor lead progress, then remind & reschedule any uncompleted staff actions
  • Report key measures:
market data – profile & demographics

origin of contact – market reach

contacts to qualified lead – cost per lead

lead to sales conversion – cost per sale

overall sales / team performance

[X] = agreed business service standard requirements

HQ Sales & Marketing Bundle
Two programs from:


per month
Combining to create a self-fulfilling program to generate and nurture an ongoing funnel of sales leads

capture, communicate & automate operational functions

Solutions Architecture | Implementation & Integration
Why have the latest technology in your phone, but put up with clunky systems to drive your business?
Disconnected operational functions will leak thousands from a business each week, in staff cost and lost opportunities.

HQ automate and run great systems technology, so businesses can do more with less.

What is it that keeps your business together?


find out more . . .


Where do you want to take your business?

What is the business case for your investment in sales marketing resources?

Strip the business process back and you have the lifetime value of a customer, the cost of acquisition and the cost to deliver the product or service.

You can choose to align those numbers to match capacity, or drive those numbers and build capacity.

Sales Marketing is the throttle of the business. If you don’t touch it, you are probably idling. As you put your foot down, you move forward and burn fuel. Good systems and technology provide the dashboard and drive mechanism. HQ resources put you in the drivers seat.

Investing in sales marketing enables you to choose how hard and how far you want to drive your business.

Your objective will determine the business case for your investment
Security: I am comfortable with the business. I have been doing this for some years and my objective is to ensure regeneration so I can secure and maintain our position moving forward.

Protection: I feel that business and markets are changing. I want to be able to respond and build profitability, to protect the business from potential impacts of industry changes or new competition.

Growth: Our business is capable of a lot more. We need to commit to year-on-year growth, building a valuable asset with great systems and infrastructure, in preparation for a potential future sale.

Scale: This business has huge potential. We have ambitious targets and need a structure that we can test and scale in order to exponentially increase sales.

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