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A performance framework to generate
predictable, replicable revenue


HQ Performance Framework

People | Process | Technology

Business performance and growth requires consistent and efficient processes.
HQ works to streamline and automate all stages of the customer journey


Talented People

On-demand sales, operational and technical resources
Your HQ Sales Concierge is a dedicated and highly trained, professional sales resource. They will hunt, capture, qualify, nurture and quote all sales enquiries. An HQ Marketing Executive will develop your brand profile and implement inbound campaigns.

An HQ Business Analyst has broad business experience covering financial management and operational systems. Their role is to analyse business models in relation to the customer journey, to identify and develop key automation opportunities.

HQ's Technical team is experienced in all aspects of system development, integration, and automation. HQ has some wonderfully talented people who can transform and transition your business structure and digital platform.

Process Automation (RPA)

With today’s technology, if you can dream and define a process, chances are you can automate it, then integrate it within the infrastructure of the business.
Custom Solution Design. Build a high-velocity business framework, that drives revenue efficiency. Create a connected customer experience and a better, more productive work environment.

Brilliant Technology

Tools to integrate and automate business processes and data
Under-performing or disconnected systems create data silos and increase operational workloads that slow a business down.

The right combination of cloud applications with structured API integration enables seamless, automated workflows and data transparency.

Today, there is no reason to persevere with outdated systems. Brilliant business technology is readily available and can be implemented within a budget that is highly attractive to small business.



HQ Performance Framework

People | Process | Technology

The HQ Performance Framework is a custom combination of people, process, and technology. Its objective is to develop a business structure that facilitates growth. Individual functions must be able to be replicated - as opposed to being dependent on individual talent.

When you have a strong business framework, you can deploy people faster, with more certainty. This is essential when working to scale and grow. The HQ Performance Framework provides for consistent execution of the optimum process and accurate representation of products and services.

Key elements of the framework include on-demand sales, operational and technical resources, together with the latest tools and applications. The framework aims to develop integrated business processes, that deliver a connected customer experience.

Sales People | Sales Process | Sales Technology

The toughest thing in business is to keep sales focused.
The cost, risk and time involved in hiring people and managing an effective sales process, is a major challenge for most businesses.

The idea of creating a pipeline of predictable revenue, gets overtaken by other urgent and important elements of doing business day-to-day.

The CompanyHQ Sales Performance Framework delivers professional sales infrastructure designed to achieve aggressive growth targets.

The HQ framework will work with your existing systems and personnel, providing exactly the resources you need to increase performance and capacity. Start with our step-by-step guide: "The Sales Pipeline Repair and Installation Manual".

Create your Sales Playbook

HQ will create and curate your sales enablement infrastructure
The most important benefit of having a sales playbook is that it enables sales automation which is a key foundation for revenue efficiency and growth.

If your sales process and unique proposition (USP) is not documented in an easily accessible format, where does this information exist? How is it accessed and used?

A sales playbook is the primary sales enablement tool that documents your proven sales structure. It defines success and sets the measures (KPI's) to achieve it. It is the ultimate reference for any sales question. It establishes the brand voice of the company and the standards for the customer experience.

In addition to supporting consistency, having your best emails, content, messages, and scripts pre-written and available in a playbook frees up more time for selling. A playbook sets down the sales techniques that have proven to be most effective in each situation.

Create your own Sales Playbook

On-demand business functions

Developing and executing strategic performance necessary for growth

Social Media,
Online Presence, Content & Brand

Creative design &
web development support

Content program to
develop brand authority
& SEO ranking

Weekly articles,
Monthly newsletter,
Quarterly Campaigns

HubSpot CRM, Call to Action Forms, Landing Pages, SEO
Capture, Qualify, Nurture, On-board all Sales Leads

Capture & respond to all digital enquiries < 60 minutes.

On demand sales team
Score & Qualify all Enquiries

Follow up all leads with automated communications & prompted calls.

Daily Lead Management & Nurturing

Sales Process Automation
Chat bots & Support Desk
Sales Tools, API Integration, Digital Design, Automation

Ongoing Digital Transition,
Data Transparency &
Continuous Improvement

Process design & Automation
One Source of Truth,
Systems integration
Live performance reporting

Create a connected customer experience across all touch-points; documents, data, performance, payments
Sales Enablement, Knowledge Base Content Development

Documented sales processes, improve customer onboarding
staff induction & training

Communication templates, content, messages, emails and scripts

Accessible product sales presentation & customer service reference materials

Defined performance process and HR standards to replicate success

Test drive the HQ Performance Framework

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Reduce Costs

Automate mundane and repetitive tasks. Maximise the value of human resources.

Grow Sales

Implement an inbound marketing program to generate & nurture more leads

Improve Efficiency

Streamline systems and processes to ensure consistent performance.

Build Capacity

Use technology and talent to build-in infrastructure assets that create scalable performance capacity.

Increase Profit

One connected process that maximises performance execution throughout the customer journey.

Reduce Risk

One source of truth, with real-time team dashboards for financial transparency and performance KPI's.

Read a case study on creating a connected journey as a framework for growth:
. . . so over five years, McDonalds increased the number of stores, improved their talent (PPT) and made the business more scale-able. Sounds impressive, but perhaps not surprising - until you compare the staff numbers. Millions more burgers, thousands more stores, less than half . . .


HQ select from leading technology platforms

We first design the ideal process then develop the best solution,
knowing which tools will prove most effective in your business.

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CRM - Lead Nurturing

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Cloud Accounting

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Capture & Bill Time

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Team Collaboration

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Automation RPA

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Video Conference

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Business Projections

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Accounting Intelligence

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