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CompanyHQ sales operations and marketing - design and implementation
CompanyHQ’s capability has developed over a thirty-year period, delivering go to market (G2M) supply chain services for global brands. This experience built a strong project implementation and sales execution capacity, that grew through working with some of the best sales and marketing talent, in Australia and Asia Pacific.

CompanyHQ is a small, specialist operation with a strong network and a long reach. We believe success, like wisdom is in doing. What sets us apart, is our capacity to implement small or large scale programs across our region and internationally.

Our methodology is lean and agile. Our programs are focused around 100-day milestones. We are not an agency, therefore everything we create is designed to become an infrastructure asset or in-house resource.

The directors of CompanyHQ bring experience in a range of start-up technology projects, which include research and development and/or export market development components. Some projects have included representation in leading overseas innovation forums, however case studies are often not available due to client non-disclosure and intellectual property protections.

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