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CompanyHQ is a division of Independent Mobile Media Australasia Pty. Ltd. (iMobileMedia) It was established in February 2016 by Robert Keogh and Kurt Carlsen. Its simple premise is that today "sales" is not a single role. Sales are most efficiently cultivated through the effective coordination of a range of skilled technical functions that identify and target prospects and sustain viable relationships.

A strategic framework of talent & technology

Financial, Operational and Marketing experience

For over fifteen years Rob has managed end-to-end marketing supply chain solutions, driving go-to-market strategies for global brands and small to medium business.

Rob has expert skills in operational resource management. He has implemented hundreds of national programs, applying strategic solutions, to increase customer engagement and acquisition.

He operated over 10,000m2 multi-site facilities, with over 100 staff across four divisions offering integrated solutions across; Sales, Operations, Customer Service, and Digital Development. He has an enviable record growing business; +25% year-on-year growth sustained over 10 years.

"Winning in business today, is about creating break-through solutions, that remove pain-points in the business and open new opportunities for customers – then backing that up with an absolute dedication to customer service execution."

“The opportunity today is for businesses to have a custom designed framework, combining contract resources across an integrated cloud based platform. The result is a more flexible, more scalable, more transparent and accountable business management model.”

Systems Management | Digital Transition | Operations capture every day

Work Flow Automation | Document Management | Data Systems for growth

Recognised as a leader in document work flow, Kurt Carlsen was co-founder of Redmap Networks, a $45 million company with 110 employees across Australia & Asia. Starting as a humble scanning bureau in 1993, Redmap grew into an award winning international organisation, delivering change management consulting services and integrated document workflow solutions to the SME market.

Kurt is intimately familiar with the demands of rapid growth. Product integration and channel partnering strategies opened the expansion of the business into Asia, winning several Australian export awards and more importantly, new customers across Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines. The company grew to support more than 90,000 companies worldwide.

Kurt was instrumental in transitioning Redmap to a cloud based software provider, with the launch in 2014 of their mobile driven Redmap5 Platform. Kurt sees the challenge for most businesses large and small is to keep ahead of the competition. Systems automation is now inexpensive and accessible to all businesses. Ignoring change is the greatest barrier to growth.

Rob and Kurt came to work together in a social enterprise project called Community Market. Seeking an avenue where all can find simple ways to give back to our community, together they dedicated their time to creating new funding solutions for charities and local communities.



1Does outsourcing key administrative functions give me less control over my business?
Contract resources make your business more nimble, more efficient and more scalable, giving you more control and flexibility around the core functions of the business. Good administrative systems and resources are essential, but what makes your business great is having effective resources and systems in place, to enable your team to be totally focused on the core business. The added transparency and reporting provided by CompanyHQ will give you more control, enabling you to make critical decisions before they become critical issues.
2Can we reduce our cost, or increase our capacity by engaging some of our sales operations and marketing resources offshore?
Yes. CompanyHQ have quality digital contractors who are currently located in Croatia, The Philippines, Russia and India. Role we are comfortable engaging offshore include Digital Development & Design, Digital Advertising (using our DSP). Some functions of Sales Operations support and Customer Relationship data management and customer service also can work extremely efficiently. If choosing offshore resources, we prefer to have a Sales Operations Captain role embedded in the business as a project coordinator function for the other Crew roles.
3Can we use our resources, and have CompanyHQ scope and implement custom systems?
Yes. We can design an integrated system to streamline business efficiency and provide total operational transparency for management.
4What if we like our own systems and just need outsource resources?
Of course, however to experience the full capability of CompanyHQ your existing systems should be able to integrate with current technology.
5Is the Cloud suitable for my business?
Some of the most successful businesses in the world are cloud-based. (Google, Facebook, Ebay, Gumtree, Microsoft, Adobe, Salesforce, IBM, DropBox to name a few).
6Can we choose the applications that go to make up our systems?
Yes, we are happy to work with you to assess preferred applications. CompanyHQ systems require integrated workflow management, accounting, communication & marketing automation and CRM.
7How secure is my information?
All applications are hosted in world class datacentres offering three critical factors paramount to security, uptime and redundancy 1 - Primary Redundancy and Failover 2 - Geographical Redundancy 3 - Backups
8What happens to current administration staff that may be displaced in this process?
We work with each company to deliver best practice change management. In many cases, we aim to engage existing staff within our contract. We also work closely with training and recruitment consultants to provide pathways for all employees, to meet the exact requirements of each business.