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CompanyHQ is seeking future focused
accounting firms to partner in the delivery
of its Business Performance Framework


A Framework for Growth

for future-focused accounting practices

Talent and technology resources embedded,
as a strategic performance framework,
to scale and grow the business.

We are looking for a few good accountants . . .
who are dedicated to help small businesses grow and have
the capacity to deliver a Financial Performance Framework.


Performance Framework
for future-focused
accounting practices

Accountant Partner Revenue:
$18,000 per annum per client
paid at $1,500 per month

Target Market:
Businesses with growth targets
and more than 5 staff.

Value Proposition:
Business Performance Framework
Strategic benchmarks & forecasting
Formal strategic planning program
Analysis and advisory
Tax & Compliance

Strategic perspective to re-frame the value proposition of accounting
One of the tools of the HQ Financial Performance framework is a Blue Ocean strategic analysis.

The objective of a Blue Ocean Strategy is for organizations to find and develop “blue oceans” (uncontested, growing markets) and avoid “red oceans” (overdeveloped, saturated markets). A company will have more success, fewer risks, and increased profits in a blue ocean market.

Taking a Blue Ocean approach means your goal isn’t to outperform the competition. Instead, your aim is to redraw industry boundaries and operate within that new space, making the competition immaterial.

For accounting, that Blue Ocean or new space is created by re-framing the product and redefining what future-focused accounting is, to solve a greater, higher value need, in the existing business market.

The value proposition of accountants
The core assets of an accounting practice includes bright, highly qualified, analytical people with a trusted reputation in the business community. Why is that market position and talent primarily applied to just provide accounting? It is a massive under-utilisation of resources. How much would a pharmacy lose if they only sold medicine?

Currently, according to Xero, the average revenue per client for accounting services is around $4,000 per annum. For many, that figure is dropping as result of capacity saturation due to automation.

Even with the inclusion of single operator or husband wife entities (not part of our target market), HQ believe the average target revenue per client of a future-focused accountancy practice should be closer to $10,000 per annum.

Solving a real market need
Small business owners have a real need for high-level support. They often feel like they are in a vacuum, alone at the table when strategic planning is required. They need help with digital transition, continuous improvement, HR and operational efficiency. Getting advice is good, but what they really need is a framework that will actually help get it done.

Take an average small business client turning over say $3 million a year. In order of priority, what would make more impact to the business bottom line and growth prospects, a $50k advertising budget, or $50k dedicated to strategic resources?

Business owners are daily being bombarded with well packaged offers for advertising or new technology. They know they need to do something to grow the business, but they have no mechanism to implement it, or capitalise on it, or even measure the ROI. If the owner spends the budget on advertising, what framework does the business typically have to capture, nurture and fully capitalise on the enquiries?

Now, how many times in the past two years have you approached your clients with a proposal for strategic planning or growth development? If you are not approaching them, who should be?

The HQ Business Framework Partnership
In the HQ business framework, the Financial Performance package is presented at $18,000 per annum. Of this, $100 per month covers the framework, including financial performance bench-marking data and strategic report production, the remainder goes to the accounting partner.

CompanyHQ also realises that sales and marketing is not necessarily a core resource in most accounting practices. So, in addition to creating additional revenue, we also provide sales and marketing resources from our business framework for free to our gold partners.

As our partnerships develop, a program of continuing professional development will be created around the pillars and tools of financial performance management, to position it as the lead product / function of future-focused accounting practices.

Read more about the HQ Business Performance Framework

Set up a meeting to find out more:
The HQ Performance framework is a new program.
The first step is a discussion around opportunities for collaboration
and how Financial Performance might fit within the structure
of your accounting practice.