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HQ Process Design

With today’s technology, if you can dream and define a process,
chances are you can integrate it within the infrastructure of the business.

Solution Design, Process Automation,
Systems Integration, Live Performance Reporting

A connected experience that flows like magic, learning from each touch-point and creating the next. One seamless process, many systems. Many data silos, one source of truth. A business dashboard that tells you how far you've come, what you have in the tank and the target for tomorrow.

  • Ongoing Digital Transition
  • Streamline workflows
  • Increase productivity and operational efficiency
  • Automate manual administrative processes

Integrating systems to create a connected customer experience across key touch-points; marketing, sales, administration, documents, data, operational performance, payments. The objective of Process Design is to automate business processes and create live reporting of key business metrics.





Develop Business Infrastructure

HQ approach Process Design as the key driver of continuous improvement. As such, it serves as an infrastructure-building function, for ongoing business development. The outcomes transform the business through improved productivity and increased capacity.

Solution design includes establishing the business case to guarantee ROI. The $2k per month pricing proposal is presented as a base budget option, to afford continuity of projects.

Work is scheduled based on business case priorities. We look for early wins and design projects around 12-week sprints. Any project size or budget can be accommodated.

Strategic Solutions

HQ Process Design will streamline the customer experience by aligning key touchpoints with the operational and administrative functions within the business. The objective is to increase revenue efficiency.

The HQ Sales Concierge and Marketing Executive roles include levels of automation within their functions. The task of HQ Process Design is to continue the structure through customer onboarding or enrolment, into the many operational interactions required in supplying or servicing the customers' needs.

Where-ever possible, working across existing I.T. environments, HQ Digital Operations will integrate functionality, data flow and transparency. Systems integration will typically include combinations of CRM, Data Capture, Document Processing, Office 365, Google Cloud, Pricing, Operations Management, ERP, Payments, Accounting, Business Intelligence, Reporting, and an enterprise legacy system.

Pricing is a proposed initial annual budget to fund defined quarterly objectives. The work relates to workflow solution design, technical development and API integration. Custom project pricing may also be offered.

Increase Revenue Capacity and Efficiency

Some simple examples of streamlined operational structure

Live Reporting Dashboard

Access and share live KPI reports
Implement Business Intelligence (B.I.) reporting across multiple data points to create live reports of key status.

Automate Customer Onboarding

Automate the process to set up a new account
Confirmation of quote, acceptance of Terms or Contract, record specifications, identification, authorities or licensing all as one seamless process.

Pricing Calculator and Quote System

Take the mystery out of pricing
Turn a price enquiry into a sale on the spot. Team assisted, or user generated, anyone can give an accurate quote and turn it into an order. Capture all necessary account info, specifications & contract requirements as part of the process.


Improve Customer Service

Create a great customer experience
Deliver personalised welcome packs, guides and helpful aids, tips and tricks to ensure customers enjoy the full features and benefits of your services

Unified Communication

Manage team dialogue & customer interaction
Streamline communications, maintain a contact log and talk to teams and customers from one point across chat, email, messenger, text, phone, video or voice.

Contracts & Documents

Ensure contracts remain up-to-date
Create templated processes to streamline contract set up & renewals for industry partners and contractors to ensure full compliance

Quality Assurance

Verify performance delivery to increase customer satisfaction
Automate milestone processes to ensure customers acknowledge and approve performance delivery in real time

Financial Performance

Improve cashflow with smooth collections and payment options
Create automated payment schedules customised to each project and written into the terms and conditions

Digital Business Model

What could a new player change in your industry?
Have your web and digital presence work as part of the operational fabric of the business

HQ Custom Pricing Calculator

Make quoting simple and consistent

Automated Price Calculator & Quote Process
A well structured quote can turn an enquiry into a sale on the spot. Whether you choose to make it team assisted, or user generated, you can capture all necessary contact and specification requirements as part of the process.

Incorporate detailed terms and conditions, capture customer documents, approvals, identification and signatures. Merge and submit formatted contract requirements.

Streamline sales, service and administration tasks
within the quoting process.

What is it that keeps the place running?

Quick operational systems test . . .
  • Is communication accuracy critical to performance delivery - could that be costing you?
  • Is it easy for each person in your team to deliver an exceptional customer experience?
  • Is there any risk that some work, or input costs are not getting billed?
  • Does your business rely on "hero" staff member/s who know where everything is?
  • Do you have to wait for someone to compile and send you key management reports?
  • Do administration staff spend a significant amount of time keying or processing data?
  • Do you feel your admin cost is higher than it really should be?
  • Is cashflow more of a problem than it should be?
  • Do customers sometimes query their accounts - is performance easy to reconcile?
  • If I made a sales enquiry today, would you be able to follow up the call in two weeks time?
  • Would anyone know whether they should follow up the call?
  • Can you see the three key numbers that drive your business, in real time, every day?
  • What would you improve if you could just . . . . . ?

Better service, more competitive. More efficient, more money.

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