Customer Service & Relationships Manager

Customer Service & Relationships Manager is the Maitre D of the business. They are the first point of contact for all sales contact and messages. Capturing, qualifying and classifying the customer.


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Role: Customer Service & Relationships Manager


Outcome Focus

Customer Service & Relationships Manager is the first point of contact for all sales contact and messages. Their core objective is to capture the customer’s details, interests and needs, qualifying and classifying the customer, while creating a new contact in the CRM.

Lead Segmentation:

They are the curator of CRM, customer relationship management data. Contact leads enter and progress through the various channels of the sales funnel under their watchful eye.

CRM Data Quality:

The Customer Service & Relationships Manager constantly monitors system status updates of all customer communications, ensuring that all data records are maintained and reported correctly.

Customer On-boarding

Customer Service & Relationships Manager is the Maitre D of the business. They welcome all customers, making sure every little detail and need is promptly attended to. They form an important personal relationship touch-point as back-up for all front line sales people. Through their constant monitoring of the system they have fast access to key customer status details and are able to identify if there are any gaps.

Social Conversation Monitoring

The Customer Service & Relationships Manager will collaborate with the Communications & Content Manager in monitoring and addressing all comment and conversation touch-points across all company publications, social pages and blogs.

Sales Support

Depending on  the structure of the sales team, the Customer Service & Relationships Manager can provide an executive support role as personal assistant to front line sales functions. 



Intimately familiar with the operation of SalesForce and a long list of enterprise CRM systems – potential solution may include an integrated hybrid combining CRM functions with more specialised customer journey applications such as:




3+ years customer service experience, either in a similar industry role or perhaps in front line hospitality or retail.

Strong attention to detail with advanced communication skills both verbal and written

Experienced in data management and systems monitoring. Knows their way around most enterprise systems across accounting, CRM, ERP and business intelligence BI) analytics.

Possesses a total commitment to maximising the customer experience and customer service culture.

Is a great team player, will pick up and support the front line but also carries the authority to push back to ensure team responsibilities and service level commitments are met.



The Customer Service & Relationships Manager will manage collaboration across all internal layers of business to ensure maximum customer experience. They will form a key liaison role between the Captain and sales executive as well as between customers and sales executives.


Competency Ranges

Advanced:          Customer Service and business administration systems experience



To respond to a customer call within 90 minutes, when on shift.

To respond to a customer or contact message left via the system or email, within 24 hours.

To develop and maintain strong working relationships with Client Direct Report, Client Team Members & Sales Ops Crew.

To respond accurately with appropriated detail to all questions within 60 minutes on designated work days.



CRM data accuracy >98%

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