Digital Advertising Manager

Grow the digital footprint and brand presence of the business, resulting in increased awareness, engagement, traffic and participation between the target audience and the business.


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Role: Digital Advertising Manager


Outcome Focus
The Digital Advertising Manager will grow the digital footprint and brand presence of the business, resulting in increased awareness, engagement, traffic and participation between the target audience and the business.
SEO, Search Engine Optimisation:

Drive the brand as close to the top of page one of major search engines from defined organic keyword search descriptors.

SEM, Search Engine Marketing:

To design and implement effective advertising and keyword campaigns, aimed to increase the click through rate (CTR) by increasing the brand’s exposure in search engine results pages (SERPs).

EDM, Electronic Direct Mail:

Run data driven electronic direct marketing or EDM campaigns, including newsletters, ebook and white paper engagement offers and other devices to extend brand reach and participation.

Digital Display Advertising:

Apply strong creative and analytical strategies to develop campaigns that effectively target and engage potential customers from within the businesses’ defined vertical, demographic and geographic markets, across selected publisher / social channels.


Develop creative links and strategies to effectively re-target web and social page visitors with a call to action appropriate to their current brand experience or interest.


BI, Business Intelligence:

Develop system links that enable effective campaign analytics that include sales attribution insights, including perhaps sales and margin results by segment, from various advertising initiatives. Platforms may include:


DSP, Demand Side Platforms:

Highly competent in creating campaigns across a range of DSP’s and publisher networks including Google Adwords, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc, as well as industry self-serve DSP applications.

Bid Management / ROI Optimisation Rules:

Monitor and optimise CTR, Click Through Rate CPA, Cost Per Acquisition Rate to increase return on investment or reach from the digital advertising budget.

Google Analytics:

Intimately familiar with segmentation and performance measurement using a variety of web analytics tools and extensions for Google Analytics, such as:



Industry Trained or Diploma or Degree qualified in digital media, marketing or advertising.

3 years + experience in digital media and advertising implementing high volume or large scale campaigns.

A strong understanding of earned media exposure including viral marketing strategies, visual marketing using images & video, social media, thought leadership / content marketing and public relations.

Thorough understanding of audience segmentation, marketing analytics, social media, campaign management and industry disruption.

Strong creative capability in briefing or developing great design and copy components.



Dependent on team size, the Digital Advertising Manager will work in collaboration with crew members that have Communications / Content Writing, Digital Design, (including HTML5 animation) and Customer Journey optimisation skills.


Competency Ranges

Advanced:          Expert audience segmentation and targeting

Expert advertising platform application skills

Strong design and advertising copy writing skills



To develop and maintain strong working relationships with Client Direct Report, Client Team Members & Sales Ops Crew.

To respond accurately with appropriated detail to all questions within 60 minutes on designated work days.

To contribute and update team communications and project platform (Basecamp / GITHUB / Trello / Asana) accurately and in full each work day.

To contribute & deliver high quality results, achieving KPI targets on every project.


SOA, Share of Audience, CTR, Click through rate and conversion rate.

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