Digital Display Ad Creative


Display Ad Creative

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  • 3 sizes from standard ad formats
  • Stock images & icons included
  • Gif animation option
Creative design services for digital display advertising. For these purposes HQ reference AdRoll’s standard display ad formats, listed as:

Medium Rectangle - 300 x 250
Wide Skyscraper - 160 x 600
Leaderboard - 728 x 90
Half page 300 x 600
Billboard - 970 x 250
Mobile Leaderboard - 320 x 50

HQ design will produce two alternate concepts based on a design brief or rough layout.
A final design will be created based on an updated iteration of the selected design
Final designs will be created in 3 size formats selected from the above standard sizes.

Required reference material may include:
Publication / ad platforms,
Any style guides to be followed, required fonts, copy and high-resolution logos and images, copyright ownership confirmation,
Specified dimensions and file format.
Background information on objective of the ad campaign and total exposure,
Timeline, completion deadline

Finished art in specified format & resolution, shared via dropbox or wetransfer
Colour correction and copy proofing not included