create a connected customer experience

How to Create a connected experience.

Connect the disconnected.


by Rob Keogh | 7 February 2020

Comments about “enhancing the customer experience” sometimes blur to just sound like marketing motherhood statements. The truth is a connected experience is a recipe for clinical revenue efficiency and maximising the lifetime value of each customer.

When we create a connected experience, we remove friction and make each interaction seamless. Friction along the path to purchase equates to cost or loss. Cost in terms of manual administration processes. Loss in sales completions, customer engagement and retention.

We used to look for a connected experience, now we just expect it everywhere. Technology and automation is everywhere in our homes. A box on the bench gets our day underway, gives us our updates and tells us anything we need to know. Our phone talks to our TV. We talk to our car, our watch will give us the stats on everything we did during the day. This sense of always-on, one button access, has changed our expectations and that of our customers. We expect access, connection and transparency.

So, the holy grail is a connected customer experience. Aside from achieving best in class, the business case is revenue efficiency and maximising lifetime value. Innovation and evolution produce a constantly changing environment, so a connected experience is typically a quest or methodology, more than a destination.

More features, great tools and exciting new platforms turn up every day. They’re amazing, but the question we need to ask is, "what do they add to the customer experience?". One of the fastest growing new roles in business is the Chief Experience Officer (CXO). Reporting to the CEO, any change in structure is reviewed against how it will achieve the commercial strategy and enhance the customer experience.

Quick take-outs from this business challenge:
How many functions in the business are offline from the primary system – and therefore at some point require manual processes to update information?

How many systems or applications operate as silos – and therefore block transparency for a single view of the business or one source of truth reporting?

Imagine what a connected experience might look like for customers . . . and staff. How many steps and processes might be removed, automated or simply streamlined? What would that be worth to the business every year?

Creating a framework for a connected experience builds the operational infrastructure of the business and increases the capacity for growth.

Take twenty minutes and estimate what your current structure might be costing you in terms of manual administration, missed income potential and reduced capacity. If you can dream, draw or write down what a seamless connected process might look like, today it can be built or integrated into your current infrastructure. If you can’t detail the flow required, just list three outcomes you would like to achieve and describe how those outcomes should be measured.

#onemilliondetails is about the challenges we face in business. It stems from the proposition that: "Business is pretty simple really. All it takes is getting about a million little details right!"

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create a connected customer experience

How to create a connected experience

Create a connected experience. Remove friction and make each interaction seamless. Better still, automate and remove all redundant steps. We used to look for a connected experience, now we just expect it everywhere.
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