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Social Media & Content Marketing,
Brand Position, Digital Presence

  • Content program to develop brand image & market position
  • Call to Action Forms, Landing Pages, SEO
  • Weekly Articles / Posts, Monthly Newsletter, Quarterly Campaigns
  • Creative design & web development support

The Marketing Executive will develop a twelve-month marketing plan, comprised of quarterly calendars covering content development, social media engagement, and brand communications via monthly newsletters, display advertising and search marketing.

The objective of the Marketing Executive role is to expand brand reach, then attract and engage the target market of the business.


Custom Inbound Marketing Program
Example: Monthly content / newsletter program
  • Research and develop content and topics
  • Research online habits to frame the persona of target market segment/s
  • Create annual, quarterly and monthly marketing plans
  • Create landing pages with custom contact form matched to the quarterly marketing campaign theme
  • Design and publish a monthly newsletter with a call-to-action
  • Write weekly articles and or social media blog posts solving, informing or assisting with or highlighting current industry activities and issues
  • Curate a library of creative materials and images for web landing pages and advertisements sourced from the business team and licensed stock
  • Create display ads in 6 size formats for quarterly campaigns
  • Post / publish content articles on social media pages online forums and display ad networks
  • Curate, update and maintain website, optimised for organic search (SEO)
  • Place ads and update search terms and keywords
  • Review and maintain digital footprint
  • Identify and report key marketing metrics

Function: Attract | Engage | Deliver
HQ Marketing services work to build the business brand proposition, then tell that story to attract and engage new customers and re-engage previous or existing customers.
HQ Marketing make certain that the process of regeneration and growth is always maintained, no matter what is taking place in the business day-to-day. Today’s chaos might be a stunning victory, a new market unfolding and a success story to be told.

HQ Marketing will implement HubSpot (free CRM as a minimum) if the company does not already have a suitable CRM system. HQ resources then follow a strategic inbound marketing process, focused around generating leads (engagement and re-engagement). The specific marketing process and functions are customised for each business.

Key Report Measures:
Views / Impressions

Click through rate – cost per click

Clicks per contact – cost per contact

Bounce Rate – target accuracy & engagement

Organic search – market engagement

Subscriber base

Marketing + Sales

HQ Sales Concierge

The HQ Marketing Executive role implements inbound marketing activities and campaigns to attract and engage the market, feeding enquiries for a Sales Concierge style role.

The HQ Sales Concierge is a dedicated and highly trained, local sales resource. They will hunt, capture, qualify, nurture, quote and on-board all sales enquiries for $36,000 per annum.


HQ Performance Framework

The HQ Performance Framework is custom designed to meet the needs of each business. Any investment in performance must also develop the infrastructure of the business, to provide a framework for success as people come and go.

When you have a strong sales framework, you can deploy people faster, with more certainty. This is essential when working to scale and grow a business. The HQ Performance Framework provides for consistent execution of the optimum process and accurate representation of products and services.

The HQ Performance Framework is the core asset of HQ's People, Process, Technology (PPT) strategy. The key elements of the framework are information and tools; structured to create an integrated sales process, that delivers a connected customer experience.

Check out just a few of the great platforms you can build into your workflow

Many top systems offer amazing capabilities at a very low cost or even for FREE in their base level platforms


CRM - Lead Capture


Automated Scheduling


Video Conference


Integrated Accounting


Systems Integration


Capture & Bill Time


Team Project Management


Workflow Integration


Unified Communications


Leading CRM


Field Service Management


Project Management

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