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The talent of revenue efficiency

Today, real talent in a business is a combination of People, Process and Technology (PPT).

CompanyHQ's performance framework supports digital transition by creating sales processes and technology assets to develop the revenue infrastructure of the business.

You don’t buy performance, you must produce it every day.

When you have a strong sales framework, you can deploy people faster, with more certainty. This is essential when working to scale and grow a business.

The HQ Performance Framework provides for consistent execution of the optimum process and accurate representation of products and services.

The key elements of the performance framework are information and tools; structured to create an integrated sales process, that delivers a connected customer experience.

Create your Sales Playbook

HQ will create and curate your sales enablement infrastructure
If your sales process and resources are not documented in an easily accessible format, where does this information exist? How is it accessed and disseminated?

The initial benefit of a sales playbook is that it defines your proven plays and sales structure. It defines success and how to achieve it (KPI's). It is the ultimate reference for any sales question. It sets the brand voice of the company and the standards for the customer experience.

In addition to supporting consistency, the content, messages, emails and scripts contained in a playbook frees up more time for selling. A playbook sets down the sales techniques that have proven to be most effective in each situation.

The most important benefit of having a sales playbook is that it enables sales automation which is the foundation for revenue efficiency and growth.

or Create your own Sales Playbook

A custom sales process built on:

Integrated Technology,

Accessible Information,

Unified Communication.

See how it all works . . .

Email Sequences

Sales built on a framework of scheduled and connected touch-points mapped to your customer journey.

Sales Intelligence

Craft the right message and pitch by seeing by seeing who views each document and which pages they spend time on.


Use workflows to automate manual, time-consuming administrative tasks: Lead follow up tasks or call reminders, escalate opportunities, create quotes and deals, customer onboarding.

Automated Quoting

Simplify complex pricing matrix calculations and automate quotes and proposals

Meetings Calendar

Share a link that gives leads the power to choose a time that works for everyone. Works with Google Calendar, Office 365 and HubSpot CRM

Sales Playbook

Pull up a call script to ask the right questions. Talking to a prospect who’s evaluating a competitor? Access the battlecard to clearly outline the differences.

Unified Communication

Communicate with prospects from CRM into phone, text, email, Messenger, video & voice messaging or meetings

Email Templates

The most effective or most repeated emails become templates, ensuring accurate and consistent communication.

Contact Tracking

Tools that let you know what a prospect is thinking about. You are notified the second a lead opens an email, clicks a link, or downloads an attachment. Takes the guesswork out of scheduling follow up action


Artificial intelligent response & data capture for user activated communication & support requests

Predictive Lead Scoring

Prioritise and place leads and prospects on the right communication path sequence based on their specific needs or potential value.

Team Dialogue

Collaboration tools that make it easier to track and manage dialogue on specific topics, leads or tasks

Knowledge Base

Format business knowledge in searchable master files that everyone can view, maintain and develop.

Video Presentations

Live video meetings, share screens, hold webinars, record & post solutions or tutorials.

Email Scheduling

Schedule emails to go out at a specified date and time, or use machine learning to deliver emails to prospects when they’re most likely to engage.

Lead Generation

Data to identify key information on identified targets from known visitors, leads, subscribers or prospects

Response Alerts

Get a text or phone prompt when you receive a contact form response or chat message


Customised reports and dashboards provide live access to key business metrics for performance monitoring and forward planning.

Live Chat

Connect directly with prospects when they’re on the website. Route chat conversations to the right specialist to help close the deal.

Call Efficiency

Queue up a list of sales calls, make calls direct from the CRM, log calls automatically, record calls with a single click.

Social Media Response

Fast & efficient, receive & respond to all social Facebook Messenger connections directly from the CRM

HQ Custom Pricing Calculator

Make quoting simple and consistent

Automated Price Calculator & Quote Process
A well structured quote can turn an enquiry into a sale on the spot. Whether you choose to make it team assisted, or user generated, you can capture all necessary contact and specification requirements as part of the process.

Incorporate detailed terms and conditions, capture customer documents, approvals, identification and signatures. Merge and submit formatted contract requirements.

Streamline sales, service and administration tasks
within the quoting process.

HQ Sales Concierge

An HQ Sales Concierge will hunt, capture, qualify, nurture and quote all enquiries and potential sales opportunities
Your HQ Sales Concierge is a dedicated and highly trained, local sales resource. They work to a clearly defined role description and service level performance measures, to implement the HQ Performance Framework.

If you need to attract and engage more sales enquiries, we can also add an HQ Marketing Executive to further enhance your sales program.

Here are some of the examples of some very cool software applications
. . . and there's thousands more.

With People, Process, Technology methodology, HQ will design the process
to deliver your ideal solution knowing which tools will work best for your people.


CRM - Lead Nurturing


Cloud Accounting


Capture & Bill Time


Team Collaboration


Financial Reporting


Video Conference


Business Projections


Accounting Intelligence


A case study on growth

McDonald's commitment to business process enables a $200 billion
global corporation to be operated substantially by teenagers.
This year they committed half a billion to acquire a technology company
to deliver AI and automation to drive an aggressive growth program.
McDonald's delivered year-on-year growth with half the staff - here's how!


HQ's Student Experience Framework

An end-to-end framework that maps and delivers a connected student experience,
from awareness to graduation and beyond. Streamline sales marketing and enrolment;
Improve student engagement; Lock in savings on administration and operations.
HQ's Student Experience Framework lets you focus on training and assessment.
Read how HQ's Student Experience Framework can supercharge your business performance.

Reduce Costs

Automate mundane and repetitive tasks. Maximise the value of human resources

Grow Sales

Implement an inbound marketing program to generate & nurture more leads

Improve Efficiency

Streamline systems and processes to ensure consistent performance

Build Capacity

Use technology and talent to build-in infrastructure assets that create scalable performance capacity

Increase Profit

One connected process that maximises performance execution throughout the customer journey

Reduce Risks

One source of truth, with real-time team dashboards for financial transparency and performance KPI's

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