Logo Design


Logo Design

Services Menu | $490 Package

  • 3 options in different styles
  • Square icon and horizontal format
  • Finished art in EPS, PNG & JPG
It is easy to spend thousands, engaging focus groups, researching colours, style and design options to produce a company logo. Sometimes simple is great. Just look at the Google logo.

It is important that a business logo design encompasses or at least references the culture, ethos, market position or aspiration of the business. It should fit like a nice shirt and look good in both formal and potential casual adaptations.

HQ logo design package will present 3 different logo design adaptations in one format view.

The designer will discuss feedback on the designs and apply the feedback to create a single subsequent design which may be an adaptation of one of the initial designs or a single alternate option.

A further third phase of design may be required simply as an iteration of the second phase work. From confirmation of the final iteration, a square and horizontal version of the logo will be produced in high resolution EPS format.

Additional design phases, adaptations or variances, as well as additional colour options, such as transparency for light / dark backgrounds will be costed separately.