CompanyHQ Concierge Program

Combining on-call tactical resources, to deliver strategic solutions!
CompanyHQ Membership
CompanyHQ Membership means you have an experienced executive, briefed and available at all times, but when you don't need anything, they're not costing you anything.

HQ Membership also provides overnight access to a local resource network. You might just need a specialist to perform operational or customer service requirements in the APAC time zone, or a team combining to secure a beachhead and promote your brand.

CompanyHQ has 20 years experience, delivering all aspects of the go-to-market supply chain, across major brand projects. Members are allocated an HQ Concierge as a dedicated point of contact, to implement your project or just get things done. No project is too big or task too small.

CompanyHQ Membership: $149 per month
USD paid annually

Some example scenarios . . .

HQ Network
Access a highly capable network capable of delivering on-call tactical tasks, across a range of skills, or develop a strategic foothold. Choose the level of the resource/s you wish to appoint to your program. Work is billed per hour, at fifteen minute intervals. Your Concierge is your single point of contact, to coordinate and manage your campaign.

Pricing: Select resource level / rate from the table below.
Appoint an emissary to defend / promote your brand proposition.

Scenario: You know that ultimately global markets will come into focus, you may have a few customers in Australia or the APAC region, so you need to keep an eye on emerging competition, but right now you can’t afford to stretch too thin.

HQ Solution: Appoint an emissary (Concierge) to the region, to establish an advance brand presence and report on potential opportunities and threats within your market.

Your HQ Concierge can develop relationships with key accounts or industry stakeholders. Alternatively, you might need an Investigative Account Manager. A person to uncover and report on trends emerging in local markets; perhaps you require the capability to develop local content to articulate how your brand solution fits within the local context.

Proposed Budget: You might set your budget at between say $1,000 and $2,500 per month, depending on scope and frequency.
Appoint resources to advance client relationship and local customer service capability.

Scenario:You have a superior, competitive offering and are looking for rapid scale. You need to establish your brand across global markets and protect against emerging competitors copying your innovation.

HQ Solution: Your Outpost might comprise a combination of client relationship (Concierge or specialist Key Account Manager) skills, plus customer service or sales help desk staff, working in APAC time zones.

CompanyHQ contingent resources, recruited from within your industry sector, to be trained in your brands’ features, benefits and specifications. A combined team ensures resource redundancy, so all your eggs are not in one remote basket.

Proposed Budget: A reasonable Outpost budget might start from around $5,000 to $10,000 per month, combining resource levels, working how and when you need them. You may also choose to factor in office space, starting from around $100 per day or $1,600 per month.
Establish a presence, engage the market and let the locals know you have arrived

Scenario: You have a strategic plan to develop your brand presence in Australia and the APAC region. You are evaluating the operational and technical considerations, as well as skills base, risks and budget options.

HQ Solution: HQ’s beachhead proposes a facility with assets, capable of establishing and holding a position. The beachhead is your local base, around which the operational resources of the business are developed. It demonstrates the independent capability and commitment of the company, which is important both to key clients, and also when seeking to attract key industry talent for leadership roles.

We can recruit a dedicated role, or your HQ Concierge can draw from a range of available specialist resources, combining tactical and strategic skills, covering operational as well as relationship functions. Included among your beachhead resources, might be a Human Resources Specialist, who can hunt down and assemble the right team, for when you are ready to expand your assault on the market.

Proposed Budget: Starting from $10,000 per month. Get in touch to discuss the full scope of your brand opportunity.
Flagship Presence
Open an office/s, build your team and take your place as one of the locals.

If you want to skip the steps and are looking for a plan to implement an outright go-to-market strategy for Australia and/or APAC, contact us to talk project scope, timeline and required outcomes.

Resources Rate Table

Administrative AssistantGeneral skilled administrative office, sales or marketing tasks$35
Account ExecutiveExperienced administrative assistant or project coordinator$50
HQ Concierge / Account ManagerExperienced sales & marketing account manager with project management skills$75
Account DirectorSenior level account management skills suited to managing higher level projects or clients$150
Senior Account DirectorLeadership level management skills accountable for multiple teams or clients$200
Consultant or Head of CountryIndustry specific specialist consultant or Managing Director or CEO of region$250


Typically most roles can be classified within one of the above rate levels. Custom rates can be negotiated for specific industries and tasks. Set tasks, campaigns and projects can also be quoted at fixed rates based on outcome.

* Tasks are billed in units of 15 minutes.

** Unless otherwise stated, specified rates include local employment requirements for superannuation, workers compensation insurance, payroll tax, sick leave & public holiday entitlements and payroll administration, where such liabilities are incurred. Locally registered companies may be liable for goods & services tax.

Optional Packages


CompanyHQ Briefing & Induction
HQ Concierge Induction: $480
Recommended brand introduction in addition to membership
Includes a 6 hour client product & services review & report, plus 2 hours revision of feedback

HQ Local Market Review & Analysis
Strategic Proposal: $ 4,900
Includes local market research review and analysis conducted by HQ Concierge and HQ Senior Account Director.
Key Focus points:

  • Who’s who in the industry – competitors, potential partners, target clients
  • Location activity – is there a location that is the hub of industry activity
  • Market Size Indicators – Numbers, Volumes, Values, Segments
  • Recommendations – low hanging fruit, five top priorities for projects or campaigns

CompanyHQ Local Office Facilities
Local Business Address Package: $149 per month
Includes Prime business address and local telephone number

Private Office: from $500 per 5 days usage or $1,600 per month

Receptionist Services: $2.95 per call – company name & message answer response, redirect call

Mail Services: $10 scan, digitise & onforward. Nominate frequency, minimum weekly

Meeting or Board Rooms: from $50 per hour