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Investing in outcomes instead of roles!

an agile business model

Establishing a beachhead or launching in a new region is much like a campaign. It can require diverse skills and specific knowledge.
When the resources you are looking for are not looking for you, CompanyHQ is able to draw on a network of people who have the experience of major brand projects across the region.

Sometimes you need the type of people who are not looking for employment, but rather an avenue to ply their craft and leverage their vast experience and industry connections.

  • Scale resources to the demands of the project, not the capacity of the personnel
  • Access high level skills within budget
  • Invest in outcomes instead of roles
  • Break through and establish a framework for others to follow
  • Reduce fixed costs exposure

an eco-system for engaging skilled talent and resources

CompanyHQ’s Concierge model, matches quality resources to specific project demands, coordinated through a central project manager / concierge.
Employment markets have changed. People now take a more independent approach to their career paths and the way they choose to engage and trade their skills.

Instead of relying on just one role, CompanyHQ can extend your budget acorss a network of top talent; people who back their ability to perform and seek self-determination in their work-life balance.

It is estimated that by 2020, over 50% of all employees in Fortune 100 companies will be contingent contractors. Additionally, research shows that 69% of people currently in "permanent" roles, are actively seeking alternate employment, or are open to the idea.

Your HQ Concierge has a range of resources to reach for . . .

HQ Concierge
Your HQ Concierge has a strong sales, marketing or business background. They are appointed based on their skills match to client profile or requirements. They have minimum ten years experience working with major campaigns or brand projects and have established contacts across Australian &/or APAC market networks.

Key Account Manager
The main road into any new territory is through established key accounts. You might be supporting the regional offices of established lead clients, or seeking to mirror current successful sales relationships. When you need more than your HQ Concierge, a dedicated Key Account Manager is your local emissary who will establish and nurture strong ties with primary stakeholders.

Sales Activation & Events
Would you like to make some noise in the market, build a presence at major trade fairs or events? CompanyHQ have people with long experience in B2B trade events or national retail sales activation. Having the right person on the ground can create a significant impact and build a presence for key sales opportunities.

HR Specialist
CompanyHQ can establish a beachhead with a significant team of strategic resources. We have a strong network of industry connections, but sometimes something different is required. Your HQ Concierge can liaise with recruitment agencies, or we can call on an HR Specialist to hunt down that ideal candidate or build a national team.

Market Intelligence / Content
Holding a beachhead position in a market, first requires local intelligence. Discovering what is current or emerging in your industry, or within local markets. Maybe you need investigative public relations, someone who can understand and uncover what is happening, then articulate how your brand solution fits within the local context.

Customer Service / Relationships
Customer service sometimes appears to be the two most misunderstood words in business. It can be is as simple as having someone immediately available, who knows and understands your customer and is then resourceful and astute enough to liaise across your brand group, to find the solution and then deliver it beyond expectation.

Sales Acquisition
The art of sales used to be in knowing 50 ways to put the pen in their hand. Today your sales acquisition specialist is almost a data scientist. Lead generation and account based marketing techniques that are successful in head office can be replicated and enhanced with the experience and knowledge of key local players and stakeholders.

Breaking New Ground
Establishing your beachhead is just a first step, because you first need a presence before you can launch a major assault. Key strategic roles are often not the first people on the ground, but senior level groundwork can be accomplished through specialist consultants that can lead up to securing a regional director appointment.

CompanyHQ Flexible Staff Resources

Contract Flexibility

  • Access the latest skills & technology on-demand
  • A lighter, more scalable business model
  • Pay only for what you need, when you need it
  • Scale up or down to match active projects or growth
  • No gaps, less interruption from role turnover
  • Less HR head count. No overtime, no redundancy
  • No fixed-term contract
  • Professional in-house transition option

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