Sales Operations Captain

Customer journey optimisation & acquisition. Highly skilled in accessing global data sets and applying intelligent sales technology to engage, acquire and retain strong customer relationships.


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Role: Sales Operations Captain


Outcome Focus
The objective of the Sales Operations Captain is customer acquisition. Their focus is customer journey optimisation, pipeline acceleration, shortening the sales cycle. They are highly skilled in accessing global data sets and applying intelligent sales technology to engage, acquire and retain strong customer relationships.

As the name implies, the Sales Operations Captain does not work alone. Their talent and capability supports executive level authority, yet they function as a servant leader; perhaps the producer, director and script-writer for front-line sales teams.

The CompanyHQ Sales Operations Framework, transforms traditional sales structure. Optimising the customer journey, streamlines much of  the heavy lifting in customer acquisition. Sales science technology applies a combination of big data and intelligent sales automation, to perform the “hunter” sales function. Front line sales teams are served with well researched, better qualified prospects, enabling them to focus on solution development, costing and closing presentations.

The Sales Operations Captain heads a Sales Operations Crew, comprised of creative and technical, marketing and advertising resources. As a skilled sales technician, the Sales Operations Captain will collaborate and consult, working with the Sales Operations Crew to analyse and evaluate demand insights and pipeline performance indicators from each campaign.

The function of the Sales Operations Crew is brand development and lead generation. The role of the Sales Operations Captain is lead nurturing. It involves maintaining a personalised and contextual sales conversation with a database or funnel full of leads. It requires high level skills and experience across Sales Automation applications, Audience Segmentation, EDM development, A / B testing analytics and sales content development.

Customer Journey Optimisation Manager will deliver the following outcomes:

Sales Operations Crew Management:

Team lead, brief and coordinate much of the Sales Operations Crew functions and campaigns.

Customer Acquisition:

Take over an initial contact or lead and nurture that lead through to acquisition.

Audience Segmentation:

Uses data and behavioural analysis, to segment customers into different targeted groups. From this they deliver the most appropriate offer / solution to increase conversion.

Account Based Marketing:

Specialist skill sub-set, ABM or Account Based Marketing is a B2B sales structure. As the title suggests, the function is highly targeted on specific accounts. Key people / decision makers in each account are identified and “warmed” with micro-targeted, personalised display advertising, followed by strategic contact, perhaps combining a personal phone call, direct mail or email.

Sales Content & Collateral:

Produces much of the sales messaging for the business, emails, web sales content, sales collateral. The sales message is continually being optimised and personalised, for specific market segments as result of ongoing A / B testing in sales automation campaigns.

Customer Centric / Personalisation:

Committed to developing a company and team-wide culture built around an intimate understanding of the customer and the journey that connects them to the business, product or service. Engages brand participation with use of personalisation and integrated data from a wide range of sources.


Sales Automation:

Highly competent in campaign development and implementation and analytics using applications like;


Knowledge of SalesForce and a long list of CRM systems – potential solution may include an integrated hybrid combining CRM functions with more specialised customer journey applications.



This person is an analytical sales writer. They can write great headlines & sales content; analyse performance, then rinse & repeat. Can develop two angles for every proposition to create great A / B testing campaigns.


Competency Range

Advanced:          Expert writing and analytical skill levels across all competencies

Strong experience in a wide range of sales automation and CRM applications.



Depending on business and team structure, this role may include front line sales functions or act as Sales Operations Support to field sales executives or business partners.

Will work closely with Digital Advertising, Digital Design, Communications, Creative Content & Brand Story-teller and Customer Service Manager.



To develop and maintain strong working relationships with Client Direct Report, Client Team Members & Sales Ops Crew.

To respond accurately with appropriated detail to all questions within 60 minutes on designated work days.

To contribute and update team communications and project platform (Basecamp / GITHUB / Trello / Asana) accurately and  in full each work day.

To contribute & deliver high quality results, achieving KPI targets on every project.



Customer Acquisition Conversion – % Leads to Customers


Alternate Titles:

Sales Operations Director, Sales Operations Executive, BDM, Business Development Manager, Sales Operations Manager, Sales Executive, Sales Manager


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