Strategic Sales Marketing & Operations Consultant

Designs and supports the strategic direction for business capacity and growth. Current best-practice knowledge and project planning skills required to execute the vision of business management.


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Role: Senior Sales Marketing & Operations Consultant


Outcome Focus


The Senior Sales Marketing & Operations Consultant designs and supports the strategic direction for business capacity and growth. They bring current best-practice knowledge and project planning skills required to execute the vision of the senior business management.


Break-through solutions:

Applies knowledge and experience to resolve business pain-points, bottle necks, offering solutions that create a framework for growth and project delivery.


Digital Transition:

Drives growth opportunities available through the implementation of integrated applications across BI/Analytics, CRM and ERP. The application of integrated data layers across business, offers a transformational impact, not only on business performance, through automated workflows and data capture, but also in sales and marketing; predictive analytics, demand generation and account based marketing.


On Source of Truth:

Systems and performance transparency empowers effective management decision making, providing not only the benchmark measures, but also the levers to steer and alter course in real time. It also provides a transformational change in the service culture of the business, changing stakeholder attitudes, adding integrity and trust to client relationships.



The Senior Sales Marketing & Operations Consultant brings insight and innovation through well-researched, current knowledge of the latest, best-practice tools and applications specific to a wide range of industries.



10 to 15 years executive management level experience, developing and mentoring teams of quality people, around a strategic framework for success.

Stakeholder management and collaboration, across business teams and their trade channel partners, to optimise go-to-market strategy implementation.

Advanced sales & marketing strategy development, project implementation, operational logistics and customer service delivery.

Strong credentials in developing and nurturing high performing teams, working in a fast-paced environment, building partnerships to deliver high-quality customer service performance.

Experienced in both B2B commercial sales and high volume B2C market programs for major companies.

Can design and write detailed tenders and competitive pitches, maximising revenue while offering continuous improvement and product innovation.

Highly analytical in applying data from various sources, to create accurate pipeline projections for sales performance and new business development.



The Senior Sales Marketing & Operations Consultant will manage collaboration across all layers of business, including both internal and external stakeholders, channel partners, agencies and third party suppliers and distribution networks. They will develop the strategic framework for the CompanyHQ Sales Operations Crew.


Competency Ranges

Advanced:          In-depth industry experience & training

Potential industry-based qualifications

Works across all levels of C level management



To develop and maintain strong working relationships with Client Direct Report, Client Team Members & Sales Ops Crew.

To respond accurately with appropriated detail to all questions within 60 minutes on designated work days.



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