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SEO Review

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  • Review primary search terms
  • Search function & effectiveness
  • Organic update optimisation
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is sometimes made seem like a mysterious dark art, the secrets of which are known only to a few gifted wizards. In truth it is mostly a structured process, where the optimisation requires knowledge of the iterations of the algorithms used by Google or other search engines. The algorithms sometimes change which can impact how the posts and pages on your website are read and categorised and where the appear in a given search result.

Essentially, search engines use bots to trawl your web pages. The bot uses sophisticated artificial intelligence (algorithm) to recognise the appropriate context of key words and phrases within the information on a given page. The better that information matches the search term, the higher you appear on the results page.

The objective of SEO is to achieve a high free (organic) ranking near the top of the search results. The top few positions are mostly reserved for paid search terms. These can cost $3, $5, $10, $15 or more for every click they attract. The cost is based on what a company might bid for a click, in order to appear in that position. This is why organic search rankings from SEO is valuable and important.

HQ SEO review service will use various SEO tools to review the site map, structure, phrasing and keyword application of your business website. The key words of prime competitors will be captured and analysed with results compared to your business key words. SEO practices such as site structure including use of keywords in headings, subheadings, text, snippets, descriptions and image metadata will be reviewed and documented.

HQ will produce a report on current SEO structure and practices and make recommendations for SEO strategy implementation.