creating a

across all the touchpoints
of your customer's


People | Process | Technology

Business Performance Framework

Sales, Marketing, Operations, Financial, Legal, HR

Virtual CFO, CSO, CMO, COO & CXO
Strategic planning and analysis, together with operational performance functions.
Planning and execution. Resources and technology.






per month
HQ Marketing Executive
Social Media & Content Marketing, Brand Position, Digital Presence
  • Creative design & web development support
  • Content program to develop brand image & market position
  • Call to Action Forms, Landing Pages, SEO
  • Weekly Articles / Posts, Monthly Newsletter, Quarterly Campaigns






per month
HQ Sales Concierge
Create a stream of qualified leads and sales opportunities
  • First response sales phone support
  • Respond to all digital enquiries < 1 hour. Chat, Messenger, Forms
  • Score, Qualify & Nurture all Leads
  • Quote sales order requests






per month
HQ Digital Operations
Create a connected customer experience across all touch-points
  • Process Design & Automation
  • Systems Integration & Implementation
  • Live Performance Reporting
  • Ongoing Digital Transition






per month
HQ Virtual CFO
End-to-end financial performance, Forecasts & Opportunities
  • On call CPA / CA Strategic Analysis & Advice
  • Bookkeeping and Payroll
  • Monthly Accounting Reports & Cash Flow Planning
  • Quarterly & Annual Tax structure & compliance






in combined package
HQ Legal & HR | Contracts & Compliance
Structure better contractual relationships and employment compliance
  • Unlimited 30 minute calls with specialist commercial & employment lawyers
  • Custom commercial contracts and employment agreement templates
  • Automated solutions for staff onboarding, award rates and performance management
  • Award compliance review & assessment

Your HQ Sales Concierge works every business day. The HQ team provide back up to cover annual leave, sick leave, carers leave or other absences. Rates cover agreed performance standards and include all payroll administration, insurances, superannuation entitlements, payroll tax and non client-specific outgoings. Excludes GST.

See how it works . . .


Reduce Costs

Automate mundane and repetitive tasks. Maximise the value of human resources.

Grow Sales

Implement an inbound marketing program to generate & nurture more leads

Improve Efficiency

Streamline systems and processes to ensure consistent performance.

Build Capacity

Use technology and talent to build-in infrastructure assets that create scalable performance capacity.

Increase Profit

One connected process that maximises performance execution throughout the customer journey.

Reduce Risk

One source of truth, with real-time team dashboards for financial transparency and performance KPI's.

December 9, 2019

Finding good sales people . . . how hard can it be?

Turnover rates for salespeople are currently quoted by surveys to be 35% to 55%. That sounds worrying, until you consider that nearly half (46%) of sales staff don’t make quota each month. There is the high cost of recruiting, including time to find and induct and train a new person, then you wait to discover if they’ll be productive.
November 19, 2019

Five most common mistakes that kill sales performance

Imagine if you could know as much about the performance of your business as you do about the petrol in your car!
November 19, 2019

The number one killer of sales performance

Often in sales management, I have had people say to me, “Don’t judge me on the process, judge me on the outcomes”. Two problems with that approach. The first is, if performance is exceptional, you can’t replicate it, the second is that business performance then becomes personality based.
November 1, 2019

Options to improve student retention and revenue

The real challenge many RTO’s must consider, is whether their sales process is aligned with their recruitment policy. The issue is that you ultimately must train the students you enrol. So, what happens when your sales team enrol people who are unlikely to succeed or complete the course?

Here are some of the examples of some very cool software applications
. . . and there's thousands more.

With People, Process, Technology methodology, HQ will design the process
to deliver your ideal solution knowing which tools will work best for your people.

CRM - Lead Nurturing

Cloud Accounting

Capture & Bill Time

Team Collaboration

Financial Reporting

Video Conference

Business Projections

Accounting Intelligence