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Student Experience
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Student Experience Framework

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Student-centric performance delivery and monitoring
HQ provide a fully integrated student experience
framework from initial contact to graduation:

  • Increase sales
  • Expand marketing and recruitment reach
  • Streamline enrolment administration
  • Improve student engagement and progression
  • Open efficient channels for support
  • Deliver continuous improvement (share gains)
  • Ensure all ASQA standards are met or exceeded

ASQA's Five Phases of the Student Experience

Best practice in sales & marketing is always customer-centric. In 2016 ASQA introduced an audit process focused on the performance of RTO's in relation to five key phases of the student experience - marketing and recruitment; enrolment; support and progression; training and assessment; and completion.

A student experience framework is a strategic approach that applies this model beyond compliance, supporting student progression as a means to achieve quality outcomes and revenue efficiency.

Get an HQ Sales Concierge from $3k per month

Hunt, Capture, Qualify, Nurture, Quote and Enrol all sales leads
Implement a sales playbook to drive student acquisition while
ensuring full standards compliance and a great student experience.

Key functions of the HQ Sales Concierge role include:
  • Sell | Advise candidates in respect of course features, benefits & prerequisites
  • Quote | Assist and inform enquiries, providing detailed price & payment information
  • Enrol | On-board students through guided application & enrolment

Strategic sales performance with improved standards compliance

Marketing & Recruitment

Standards: 4.1, 2.3, 2.4, 5, 7.3
The RTO’s marketing practices provide accurate and factual information to
allow prospective students to make informed decisions.

Creating a connected journey and experience starts from initial contact.
To efficiently take a raw enquiry, check all pre-requisite requirements, provide
accurate information, then nurture and follow up that contact until you have
a qualified lead, requires well structured workflows and automated processes.

  • Develop inbound marketing & content campaigns
  • Capture and nurture all contacts and leads
  • Qualify student applicants
  • Identify existing skills & knowledge
  • Fee calculator based on funding model
  • All documents & disclosures acknowledged
  • Monitor and record third party presentations


Standards: 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 7.3
The RTO ensures students have the existing knowledge and experience required
to successfully undertake the course.

The pre-enrolment stages of qualifying the student candidate and presenting all required information
can present speed bumps where sales can be lost. HQ nurtures student candidates through
a streamlined "pre-LMS" application and payment process. The data necessary to meet enrolment
and funding requirements is captured as an integrated process that commences from first contact.

  • Capture full enrolment data
  • Confirm identification & USI
  • Contextual LLN
  • Employer acknowledgement
  • Payment Gateway - schedule payments <$1,500
  • Transfer enrolment into SMS / LMS

Support & Progression

Standards: 2.2, 7.5
Student’s needs are assessed by the RTO and the RTO provides appropriate
support services to enable student progression.

The training institution needs an ongoing dialogue with students, that is supportive of, but
independent to the trainer relationship. HQ systems poll and categorise student progress
data in order to maintain appropriate support and contextual communications that stimulate
participation and engagement as well as elicit qualitative performance feedback.

  • Milestone benchmarks for continuous improvement
  • Categorise individual progress and outcomes
  • Contextual progress communications
  • Capture Qualitative Data <1,000 students
  • Gap analysis - identify gaps in student experience
  • Client, trainer and assessor feedback
  • Independent complaints and appeals process
  • Results feed into TASPs

HQ's Student Experience Framework lets you focus on training and assessment

HQ Student Experience Framework creates the environment for a quality training product.
Regular and accurate communication provides transparency around mutual obligations and accountability.
Accountability with support, drives participation and engagement.
The structure is designed to deliver a quality, connected experience; monitoring progression, while developing evidence of performance.
You can contract an end-to-end solution to lock in administration cost savings, or simply
fill in the gaps in your own processes.

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