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  • Applying ASQA quality benchmarks to create a competitive advantage
  • Increase enrolments and grow your business
  • A program created with one of Australia’s leading education resource specialists
  • Access specialist contract skills or scale up your sales & marketing team
  • A flexible program to match your capacity, timeline and budget

Being able to demonstrate a quality student experience, with high satisfaction ratings and industry-proven training outcomes, presents a competitive advantage to any training institute.

CompanyHQ has partnered with Edutemps to create a program that pro-actively applies ASQA audit quality standards, as the model for a bespoke sales & marketing framework for your business.

The VET Strategic Sales and Marketing Program, can be implemented using Edutemps resource base of highly skilled industry professionals. We can work with your team, or alternatively provide dedicated contract resources or quality candidates as permanent placements.

The pre-qualification process, provides a 20-page gap analysis as the strategic framework for the program implementation. It offers applied skills in strategic sales management, coupled with the latest marketing technology and evidence based market analysis, to increase enrolments and ultimately strengthen and grow your business.

Sales & Marketing for VET today must reflect the student experience and journey. (click here to find out why)

discover, create, arouse and satisfy each students’ needs.

  • Tactical sales plan targeting key opportunities

  • Detailed brand & market analysis

  • Map the student journey

  • Sales automation data & technology gap analysis

ASQA’s five key phases of the student experience.

marketing &  recruitment

  • strategic approaches to identifying new business opportunities;
  • the use of technology to achieve business objectives;
  • integrated systems; drive student engagement & acquisition;
  • outside the box; evidence-based market analysis,  emerging markets;
  • entry strategies for new markets;
  • relationship marketing, target markets / segments;
  • recruitment channels & networks; agents & other third parties;
  • campaign evaluation, cost efficiency & outcomes analysis;

enrolement & admissions

  • closing of ‘sales’; recruitment and admissions staff;
  • development of innovative management structures and approaches;
  • planning to win; evaluation of recruitment success factors, including measures of cost efficiency and effectiveness;
  • student on-boarding; welcome & orientation;
  • admissions efficiency; handling volume enquiries, applications, offers and confirmations;
  • admission qualifications; requirements assessment;

support &  progression

  • planning to win; establish training success factors, measures of student experience, training effectiveness & employment / lifestyle outcomes;
  • english language competence; impact on support functions & communications
  • communication program; student forums & networks
  • support services, transition to study, social media, accommodation, health & safety
  • student engagement; social inclusion & community participation,
  • role of partners and stakeholders; (alumni, partner institutions, businesses and industry);

training &  assessment

  • the student voice;
  • student participation & engagement;
  • qualifications monitoring and evaluation;

completion life cycle

  • course completion / retention rates;
  • de-briefing & course review / survey;
  • opportunities for an alumni program, communications;
  • the education life cycle;

“high level strategic resources flexible contract rates”


  • understands agency networks and direct sales, across both domestic and foreign student markets;
  • experienced in lead generation, sales automation, digital transformation;
  • skilled in CRM, EDM, SEO, SEM as well as Social and Content Marketing;
  • digital development; skilled in Adobe product suite and highly proficient in a variety of leading CMS platforms.
  • excellent communication skills, plus Microsoft Office especially Excel and PowerPoint;
  • entrepreneurial attitude; can present at trade events; likes working independently;
  • accountable to deliver against aggressive performance budgets;
  • strong leadership; can mentor and manage a small to medium sales / marketing team;


CompanyHQ recognise that many VET institutions are experiencing a shake-up in their traditional markets. We therefore developed an industry-specific Strategic Sales & Marketing Framework for Vocational Education & Training.

The Foundation Gap Analysis and Program delivery is administered by our Senior Partner, Rob Keogh. Rob has a lifetime of experience, driving large scale customer engagement, acquisition and loyalty programs. If you responded to a B2B or B2C marketing offer across telecommunications, technology, home electrical or packaged goods in the last fifteen years, there is a fair chance Rob had a hand in the campaign.

Rob’s digital development work is internationally recognised, being just one of four finalists in the 2013 Mobile Innovation Awards at Ad-Tech San Francisco as well as at Mobile World USA in 2014.